Carrefour, Gymlib team up for well-being of 100,000 employees in France

Carrefour, Gymlib team up for well-being of 100,000 employees in France
24 / 02 / 2023
By Marwa Nassar - -

Carrefour has joined forces with Gymlib to provide its 100,000 employees in France with access to more than 300 sports and well-being activities at more than 4000 partner gyms.

Carrefour is taking action to ensure the health and well-being of its employees. Under this new partnership, they get simple and free access to the application so they can enjoy sports and well-being activities on a regular basis.

The initiative is evidence of the company’s powerful commitment to safeguarding the health, quality-of-life and well-being of its employees.

Freestyle wrestler Saifedine Alekma – who is France’s champion and European vice champion – will serve as ambassador for this partnership.

As part of an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle that is fully in line with the Act for Food program, Carrefour Group is providing its employees with the means to book free sessions with the app’s various partner companies.

Each employee has a number of monthly credits (“Pulses”), and the price of a session will depend on the type of activity in question and its location. Employees can supplement the sessions they get free by charging up their account at a discounted rate.

The application also features a range of digital services, such as free access to premium versions of sports, relaxation and nutrition apps, as well as online lessons.

By offering a wide range of activities throughout France, the aim of this partnership is to enable all employees, wherever they are and regardless of their level, to try out new disciplines.

They can use the app to try their hand at numerous new spots, including climbing, yoga, electrostimulation and even cross-fit.

“By establishing the food transition as its core purpose, Carrefour is committed to safeguarding the everyone’s health, and its own employees should be the primary beneficiaries of this promise. With Gymlib, Carrefour is giving all of its employees simple and free access to sports facilities throughout France. By making sport more accessible, this original benefit is designed to encourage all employees to engage in some form of physical activity as a way of improving their health and well-being,” said Jérôme Nanty, Executive Director for Human Resources for the Group and France.

We welcome Carrefour’s initiative and are proud to be helping the Group to improve quality-of-life in the workplace while optimising employees’ purchasing power. This new partnership, which comes at a time of accelerated growth, is a major contract for us. It marks a turning point in the willingness of major groups to take long-term action to safeguard their employees’ health. The future of work begins today”,said Sébastien Bequart, CEO and co-founder of Gymlib.

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