Juhayna ups its support to Baheya breast cancer hospital by 25% under CSR

Juhayna ups its support to Baheya breast cancer hospital by 25% under CSR
12 / 03 / 2023
By Ahmed Abdel Qawi - - | Edited by Marwa Nassar

Passant Fouad, Director of External Communication of Juhayna, said the company has upped its support for Baheya Hospital by 25 percent under CSR.

During a press conference, she said that about about 250,000 women underwent tests and treatment at the hospital over the past period.

She underlined the importance of spreading more awareness about breast cancer in various governorates, not just in Cairo.

She said Juhayna aims to support Egyptian women for their pivotal role in the society.

Fouad noted that the company managed through several campaigns to mobilize more donations to the hospital to finalize construction operations.

Meanwhile, Baheya Board Chairman Tamer Shawky said preparations are underway to inaugurate the first stage of a new branch of Baheya Hospital in Sheikh Zayed City, in Giza governorate.

The eight-storey hospital is set up on 34,000 meters with an aim to receive up to 500,000 women annually in order to help getting rid of waiting lists of patients.

It is worth mentioning that Baheya Hospital in Sheikh Zayed is an integrated medical edifice for early breast cancer check-up, offering treatment as well as psychological support for patients.

The hospital is working under up-to-date international methods and grouping highly-efficient medical teams.

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