Obour Institutes team up with Cashcall to “First Cashless Educational Institution in Egypt”

Obour Institutes team up with Cashcall to “First Cashless Educational Institution in Egypt”
By Marwa Nassar - -

Cashcall Company, a fintech company that brings a financial inclusion experience to the Egyptian local market, partnered up with Obour Institutes to be the “First Cashless Educational Institution in Egypt.”

Cashcall Company provided Obour Institutes with the Cashless application, which is the first closed community platform that facilitates the activities of the community and offers a multitude of benefits for its members and merchants. It provides cashless services, and creates a user-friendly integrated experience.

Inaugurating the application in Obour Institutes falls in line with the state’s efforts towards achieving a cashless society, and promises a bright future for the electronic payments market in Egypt.

Ahmed Mahrous, CEO of Cashcall Company, said: “We are proud to provide Obour Institutes with our pioneering Cashless application, and supporting the state’s vision towards financial inclusion. Our strategy aims to implement digital transformation across all sectors, including education.”

The Cashless application caters to the needs of Obour Institutes by clearly addressing the students, administration, and faculty needs. It also generates forecasts that assist with push notifications for updates, news, and announcements, including installment fees, changes in lectures’ schedules, and office working hours.

Abdullah Al-Dahshan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Obour Institutes, expressed his optimism as the gains from this partnership are greatly reflected in the development of the educational process, and the overall digitization of the sector.
Obour Institutes are also benefitting from the Cashless application by generating revenue through added fees on transactions, digital ad-runs on the application, and e-commerce partnerships.

Engineer Walid Dahshan, Secretary General of Obour Institutes, commented “Our cooperation with Cashcall company provides an advanced work environment, and is a step forward towards achieving sustainable development.”

It is worth noting that institutions benefit from the Cashless application through multiple streams such as having secure cash free transactions, offers and discounts for members, and consumer financing. The Cashless application also generates reports on consumer behavior for CVM activities, in order to better understand its customers.

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