2021 starts with great push to CSR

2021 starts with great push to CSR
10 / 01 / 2021
بقلم Ahmed Abdel Qawi - - | Edited by Marwa Nassar

The 2021 started with promising gesture for promoting social activities as several corporate social responsibility (CSR)-related events held in the first week of the new year.

With the commencement of 2021, several companies and organizations arranged pro-social events.

Within this context, Orange Egypt joined hands with the Orman Association to provide blankets to needy people to protect them from the cold weather in the winter. This initiative is meant to support poor people in 16 governorates.

This initiative is part of the efforts meant to alleviate the suffering of most needy families, especially in poor villages, and provide them with needed social and medical care in line with President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s initiative of “Decent Life”.

Commenting on this occasion, Hala Abdel Wadood, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Responsibility at Orange Egypt, said “Orange Corporate Social Responsibility is not limited to providing direct in-kind support to needy families but extends to include many various activities through which we, directly or indirectly, buttress education, health, and community development sectors. Moreover, Orange is always eager to present the most innovative support approaches and mechanisms in collaboration with partners from the leading institutions and associations in this field, such as Orman Association, in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the Egyptian society.”

Meanwhile, Bank of Alexandria has also signed in the beginning of 2021 a memorandum of understanding with the World Food Program (WFP) to proceed with the social development strategy within the framework of efforts aiming to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The memo will promote economic activities of small farmers through offering financial and non financial services to ensure that they realize the highest productivity.

The memorandum of understanding will also pave the ground for exchanging expertise between the two sides so that the bank would benefit from the WFP’s expertise in offering technical support and agricultural services in target communities, particularly in 500 remote villages in Upper Egypt, in addition to the bank’s expertise in offering financial services, particularly marginalized strata.

The WFP official in charge of partnerships of financial institutions, Mayar Kheshen, stressed that the memo forms the basis for a fruitful partnership under the umbrella of the WFP program for supporting small farmers in Upper Egypt.

Both the Bank of Alexandria and the WFP underscored their preparedness to buttress small farmers and their local communities to achieve high productivity in a sustainable way.

Moreover, the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) launched in the beginning of 2021 a toll-free short code (*155#) to help citizens inquire about or cancel subscription to Value-Added Services (VASs).

The services include the entertainment services provided by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for daily or monthly subscription, such as promotional contests, news and sports services, digital games, or any other entertainment service.

The authority took the measure within the framework of its social role as it detected customers’ complaints, including subscription to a service without user consent, and service cost increase.

The code can be used by any MNO customer, free of charge, to inquire about or cancel services without the need to search for codes or cancelation means for each service separately.

Meanwhile, Mersal Foundation launched the largest campaign for collecting electronic waste from donors in its various branches in Cairo and Alexandria.

The campaign is meant to collect the largest amount of electronic waste which poses grave danger to people’s health. The danger of leaving such waste at home can cause cancer. Electronic waste is harmful because of its dangerous components, including mercury and graphite.

The campaign received over 300 electronic and electric devices at its branch in the Cairo suburb of Maadi.

Meanwhile, Fine Solutions, the away-from-home division of Fine Hygienic Holding and the region’s largest paper tissue manufacturer, announced that 500 health establishments from Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan joined its hygiene and safety programs which are designed to help medical establishments achieve the highest level of hygiene.

This falls within the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) drive.

The establishments that will meet the programs’ requirements and conditions will be accredited by the Medical Wellness Association (MWA) – which is a Professional Licensed Organization based in the US seeking to promote and integrate professional development of medical and health promotion programs.

James Michael Lafferty, Fine Hygienic Holding CEO, said the company is committed to play an effective role to ensure the highest possible level of hygiene and safety in communities, noting that the company is proud to be one of the favorite and accredited trademarks for medical establishments that consider it as the main provider of products and needed solutions that would guarantee highest hygiene standards.

He added that the company’s programs were designed to pinpoint health establishments that adhere to the highest levels of sanitization and cleanliness to help patients make the right choice and spread awareness about the best hygiene practices among all parties.

He expounded that experts from Fine Solutions conduct an all-out assessment upon the enrollment of any establishment and issue recommendations on means of improving the medical institution’s performance. Moreover, the company provide the establishment with needed solutions and products, then the establishment obtains the MWA certificate.

For his part, MWA President Christopher Breuleux said he is proud to cooperate with Fine Solutions in implementing its hygiene programs which are meant to improve sanitization and cleanliness standards at medical institutions in order to offer better services for patients.

Meanwhile, Nahdet Misr announced merging “Akhdar” or “green” cultural platform into EdVenture startup through injecting investments to promote it and expand its services.

“Akhdar” cultural platform works on simplifying knowledge through offering it in a limited time and modern way so that the largest number of people would benefit from it.

Akhdar started as a channel on Youtube and social media pages presenting books in a simplified and concise way.

 It managed to develop itself within three years to become a cultural platform serving all kinds of knowledge.

Akhdar continues to realize success by launching its own application which groups written and audio summaries of books in more than 16 fields.


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