6th Green Economy Forum kicks off with participation of three ministers

6th Green Economy Forum kicks off with participation of three ministers
01 / 07 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

The 6th Forum on Strategies for Transition to Green Economy (Green Economy Forum) – under the theme of “Together, we take the lead in advancing the green economy” – kicked off on Monday with the participation of Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad on behalf of Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli, Assistant Minister of Social Solidarity for Investment and Resources Development Hassan Moustafa on behalf of Minister Nivine Kabbag, and Assistant Youth and Sports Minister Moustafa Ezz El Arab on behalf of Minister Ashraf Sobhi.

A cluster of representatives for international and European organizations and the International Finance Corporation attended the event alongside a number of economic companies and entities.

The one-day forum focuses on the Egyptian agriculture sector in 2030 and the pathways towards sustainability and economic prosperity.

The get-together sheds light on the current conditions of the Egyptian agriculture sector, its achievements as well as the challenges besetting it.

Moreover, the the forum identifies high-growth areas within the sector and the role of technology and sustainable practices in transforming agriculture, as well as analyzing current policies, financing mechanisms, and potential reforms to support agricultural innovation and public-private-international partnerships.

The event also examines exportation standards of global markets, especially under green exportation regulations and how Egypt can increase its share of global trade.

The forum also tackles the latest political developments and trade agreements aiming at reducing carbon emissions as well as available technical and financial support to help companies meet global exportation regulations.

The talks also address means of boosting exports of small and medium sized enterprises in light of international regulations for coping and curbing the impact of climate change.

The third session of the forum reviews the impact of sustainable finance on the carbon market; opportunities and challenges.

It discusses the role of sustainable finance in supporting renewable energy projects and reducing carbon emissions, as well as the impact of the carbon market on sustainable finance strategies and environmental investments.

The forum will also review means of developing sustainable finance tools to promote carbon market.

Experts are due to review different climate scenarios for business assessments, the impact of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) on targeted export sectors, carbon removal from CBAM products, and integrating environmental risks into credit assessments and green finance risk management practices.

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