AstraZeneca, Shagara Enterprise launch 1st Phase of “Shagara at School” project

AstraZeneca, Shagara Enterprise launch 1st Phase of “Shagara at School” project
20 / 12 / 2021
By Marwa Nassar - -

AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical global industry leader, launched the 1st phase of “Shagara at School” in Al-Shayma Secondary School for Girls, in cooperation with Shagara; as part of a development initiative by the Egyptian Ministries of Environment, Education and Technical Education along with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Egypt.

Al Shaymaa Secondary School for Girls, located in Sakr Koreish, in Cairo’s Al Basatien district, was chosen, in coordination with the Educational Building Authority, based on the efficiency of the school administration, where the Green Roof Classroom was established on an area of 120 m2 above the school’s roof.

During the inauguration, Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad was accompanied by Håkan Emsgård, the Swedish ambassador in Cairo, Dr. Hatem Al-Wardani, CEO of AstraZeneca Egypt; and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Samad, CEO of Shagara Enterprise. In addition, the notable attendees included a number of leaders from the Egyptian Ministries of Environment and Education, AstraZeneca, Shagara Enterprise, and a number of renowned Egyptian media outlets.

“Shagara at School” project aims to install “The Green Roof Classrooms” in public schools to raise environmental awareness, mitigate climate change, and improve the educational environment, while reducing the number of students in classrooms.

Mr. Håkan Emsgård, Ambassador of Sweden in Cairo, during the inauguration, stated “This project is a result of continuous cooperation between multiple public and private entities; Swedish Government, Egyptian Government, and AstraZeneca Egypt.”

Emsgård also expressed his happiness in witnessing such projects being implemented in Egyptian schools, as these projects would help combat overcrowded classrooms and play an important environmental role in Egypt

Dr Hatem Al-Wardani, CEO of AstraZeneca Egypt, elaborated “Climate changes have negatively affected our lives and health in the recent decades, and as well as helped in spreading epidemics. This requires all individuals, entities, countries, and international organizations to work together to limit climate change and improve the environment.”

Al-Wardani also stressed that AstraZeneca’s participation in implementing “Shagara at School” project in cooperation with Shagara Enterprise, comes within the framework of AstraZeneca’s social responsibility programs that aims to improve the general environment in Egypt to build a less polluted and healthier society. This project also comes in line with AstraZeneca’s goal to provide the best treatments, supporting and developing the medical sector in Egypt, as well as contributing to Egypt’s goals of sustainable development.

Mohamed Abdel Samad, CEO of Shagara Enterprise, also expressed that Egyptian schools are the best ways to educate the young Egyptian students in combating environmental pollution, as rooftops on school buildings are characterized by wide surface areas. This helps implement “Shagara at School” project without any obstacles along with reducing environmental pollution, improve educational environments, and raise environmental awareness among younger generations.

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