Attijariwafa Bank issues its first sustainability report under GRI

Attijariwafa Bank issues its first sustainability report under GRI
21 / 06 / 2021
بقلم Ahmed Abdel Qawi - - | Edited by Marwa Nassar

Attijariwafa Bank issued its first sustainability report of 2019-2020 in accordance with the Global Reporting Standards (GRI) as well as the state’s sustainability plan.

This also falls within the framework of the bank’s sustainability strategy as well as its belief in the bank’s role in financing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Egypt Vision 2030.

The report highlights the efforts exerted by the bank in the sustainability score as well as means of promoting the bank’s impact at the social, economic and environmental levels.

The report reviewed the bank’s contribution to sustainable development in Egypt.

Hicham Seffa, the Managing Director of Attijariwafa Bank Egypt, said “we are proud to issue the first sustainability report as we work hard to achieve sustainable growth under an ambitious strategy to offer products and services contributing to the Egyptian economic growth.”

He said “the bank will continue to supporting the sustainable development goals and social responsibility.”

Attijariwafa Bank is a pioneering financial and banking institution in North Africa and the West African Economic and Monetary Union.

The bank is also a key player in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community. In addition to its banking activities, Attijariwafa Bank Group offers wide-range of financial services through its affiliated accompanies that operate in the fields of  insurance, mortgage, consumer loans, fast transfers, financial leasing, factoring services, stockbroking at the bourse and asset management, and market advisory services.

Attijariwafa Bank Group is based on the values ​​of leadership, commitment, citizenship, ethics and solidarity, which it adopts in its various daily operations, thus enabling it to put all its resources at the service of the African continent.

Thanks to its national leadership position in terms of savings and loans directed to the economy, Attijariwafa Bank Group occupies a leading position in the banking and financial industry, as well as investment banking and financial market activities in Morocco.

The bank has organized training sessions for its employees on the accredited GRI standards in order to ensure the continuity of this report and raise awareness among its employees about the importance of the sustainability report.

Those who attend the training sessions will get accredited certificates from DCarbon which contributes to spreading awareness about GRI standards as well as the importance of sustainability issues at the international, regional and national levels.

The bank has cooperated with DCarbon for environmental and sustainable development consulting, which provided technical support in preparing this report and ensuring its compliance with international standards for the financial and banking sector.

Attijariwafa Bank Group launched Attijariwafa Bank Egypt on May 3, 2017, after the acquisition of 100% of “Barclays Bank Egypt” shares. Barclays Bank Egypt has been operating in the Egyptian market for more than 150 years and provides a wide range of banking services to retail sectors, big companies and small and medium enterprises.

The bank has 63 branches and 79 ATMs covering most cities and governorates nationwide. The bank employs more than 1,400 employees of the best competencies and cadres in the banking market to serve a large client base of international, regional and local companies.

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