Bel Foundation incentivizes Egyptian NGOs to join “New Call for Projects”

Bel Foundation incentivizes Egyptian NGOs to join “New Call for Projects”
By Marwa Nassar - -

Bel Foundation – Bel Group’s philanthropic arm – launched its global annual grant of “A New Call for Projects” that encourages the participation of Egyptian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in projects aiming to promote Egyptian children’s health and welfare.

Bel Group – the owner of La Vache Qui Rit, Kiri, Abu El Walad, and Mini Babybel – seeks through this call to realize concrete and durable solutions for better nutrition for children.

The global Call engages small, and big local NGOs, where NGOs submit their projects and the winner will be granted a financial award.

The condition for applying for the grant is that the NGO must have a not-for-profit designation; If not French, the NGO must have a French partner and/or one recommendation of a French Foundation; the project must be specifically related to children (0-16 years of age); the Project has to specifically improve their nutrition in a school canteen; the grant must be spent to actually implement the submitted project.

During a virtual press conference held on Monday to mark the launch of the call, Anne-Lise Spillemaecker, Philanthropy Manager of the foundation, said the financial award will range between 15,000 euros to 30,000 euros.

Haitham Essam, Head of HR Bel Egypt and North East Africa, took part in the press conference, while Isabelle Fiévet, Executive Director of Bel Corporate Foundation, shared a special recorded speech.

This year, Bel Egypt decided to shed light and create awareness about the global annual grant offered by its Foundation to invite Egyptian NGOs to take part in this global initiative.

Winners of Bel Foundation grant are selected according to  the project’s impact and significance for better children’s nutrition.

For the past ten years, Bel Foundation has been taking actions in favor of children and their nutrition value across the countries where they operate through Bel Foundation’s support to big and small NGOs.

“Ever since Bel Foundation inception in 2008, we were committed to extend the mission of Bel Group, namely “Championing healthier and responsible food for all” through bringing concrete solutions to unprivileged children and contributing to their nutrition. We have been supporting more than 300 projects in about 40 countries and nearly 200 non-governmental organizations and NGOs.” said Isabelle Fiévet, Executive Director of Bel Corporate Foundation.

She added “Bel Foundation’s action plan has recently been focusing on strengthening schools’ canteens all over the world. This plan stems from our belief in the importance of taking the necessary measures to nourish children at school and contribute to their education and development in the best possible conditions.”

Haitham Essam, Head of HR for Bel Egypt and North East Africa, said “We are honored to be part of the Egyptian market for more than 23 years. We consider Egypt as one of the most strategic markets in Africa and the Middle Eastern. Besides, we are committed to contributing to Egyptian society by creating shared values in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision that is pertinent to sustainable development.”

He added, “2021 witnessed an introduction of Bel Foundation global grant in Egypt. I believe it is real proof and a significant step towards positively impacting children’s nutrition challenges in Egypt. Nevertheless, the Bel Foundation will always work towards linking our global strategy with the local goals through different community development initiatives with the purpose of backing the Egyptian children sustainably.”

It is worth mentioning in 2011, 2012, and 2016, Bel Foundation collaborated with the Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development ” to support 10 schools in Upper Egypt to fight malnutrition for 80 children.

In 2014 and 2015, Bel Foundation teamed up with Ashoka Arabic Entity trained 80 nutrition consultants in 27 governorates to raise mothers in need awareness about health and nutrition food in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

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