Bel Group launches Inaya health care app for retail merchants at EGP 44 m

Bel Group launches Inaya health care app for retail merchants at EGP 44 m
05 / 04 / 2021
By Marwa Nassar - -

Bel Group – the owner of La Vache Qui Rit, Kiri, Abu El Walad, and Mini Babybel – launched Inaya health care mobile application for supporting retail merchants at EGP 44 million.

Bel Group said – in a statement on Monday – that it is the first company working in the food and beverage domain to spearhead such pioneering heath care program for retail merchants who contributed to the success of the company and its trademark.

The company signed a contract with Med Right company – which operates in the medical insurance domain – to run Inaya program.

In the pilot stage, the program will cover 20 percent of distinguished retail merchants dealing with the company.

The program will offer to retail merchants distinctive medical services at hospitals, pharmacies and health centers.

The program also offers  innovative means for incentivizing retail merchants to achieve their sales goals as those who achieves high sale points will be allowed to join the program.

Such unprecedented program falls within the framework of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

Chairman of the sales sector at Bel Group in Egypt and North Africa Hani Aram said “Bel Group is an international corporate that was set up more than 150 years ago and started operation in Egypt 23 years ago. The company has a top-notch factory that is considered an exportation center for more than 14 countries.”

He added that the company’s investments in the Egyptian market stood at EGP 400 million, he said.

He noted that Bel Group is a responsible investor that seeks to promote its position through social activities that would improve conditions in the Egyptian community and contribute to achieving Egypt Vision 2030 for sustainable development.

He said “Inaya program is a unique experiment that is meant to get merchants to be part of the health insurance mechanism in line with the state drive to apply the all-out insurance system, while taking into consideration the challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.”

This new insurance system is suitable for merchants, he underlined.

Med Right Board Chairman Mohamed Ref’at said the company contracted with about 4024 medical facilities, including 1373 pharmacies, 284  hospitals, 1582 health centers and 785 doctors, to ensure offering the best services to merchants and their families.

Other CSR activities carried out by Bel Group:

During the first wave of the coronavirus, Bel Group allocated EGP 4 million to CSR activities that focused on offering health and social support.

The company collaborated with the Egyptian Food Bank in its campaign for backing daily workers.

It also cooperated with the Egyptian Cure Bank in maintaining ventilators at quarantine hospitals.

Bel Group also joined a coalition of private sector companies and businessmen that teamed up with the American Chamber of Commerce and UNICEF to support doctors and providing medical equipment to hospitals.

The company also backed Kheir challenge of Resala charity association and the Egyptian Food Bank which aimed at supporting thousands of families who were affected by the coronavirus crisis.

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