Committee of presidential initiative Egypt Artisans convenes for 1st time

Committee of presidential initiative Egypt Artisans convenes for 1st time
بقلم Ahmed Abdel Qawi - - - | Edited by Marwa Nassar

The committee of the presidential initiative Egypt Artisans holds its first meeting to review means of expanding heritage handicrafts, marketing them and promoting investments in this score.

The Cultural Development Fund (CDF) started receiving applications for the fourth edition of the initiative which is carried out under the auspices of Culture Minister Nivine Kilani and is implemented by the fund.

A special committee was formed to select those who will be trained under the fourth edition of the initiative.

The Committee’s first meeting focused on upping the number of trainees under the initiative, honing skills of handicrafts men and developing marketing mechanisms of handicraft products.

The initiative is meant to restore traditional artifacts and heritage and protect the Egyptian identity as a key axis of sustainable development.

CDF Chairman Hani Abul Hassan said the culture minister directed to develop action mechanism to magnify its benefit and raise the number of beneficiaries.

He noted that more handicrafts were added to the targeted five handicrafts, highlighting the establishment of an investment production line for handicraft products in order to open new vistas of labor market for the initiative’s trainees.

Abul Hassan said the CDF will hold a fashion show inspired by the Egyptian heritage in a modern way.

He added that the initiative will continue to benefit from the cooperation protocol signed with the Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo of Prince Charles School in implementing the initiative’s activities.

Professor of Fine Arts Faculty at the Helwan University Dr Ashraf Reda said the initiative this year aims at increasing the number of trainees to expand heritage handicrafts in coincidence with developing marketing mechanisms of handicrafts in the local and international markets.

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