CSR Egypt Chief highlights three pillars of success of “For Egypt ..We Build Generations” initiative

CSR Egypt Chief highlights three pillars of success of “For Egypt ..We Build Generations” initiative
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CEO of CSR Egypt Hassan Moustafa said technology, protection and treatment are the pillars of success of “For Egypt ..We Build Generations” initiative.

He made the remarks during the launch of the second stage of the initiative at the 13th CSR and Sustainable Development Forum.

The four-day event – organized by CSR Egypt – kicked off on Thursday in the Red Sea resort city of Hurghada.

He said the initiative speaks by numbers as numbers are essential for assessment, adding that data analysis showed there is great opportunity on the ground for securing better future for children and handling problems in some villages and governorates at low price.

He said the CIB first tendered the idea of promoting children health under the initiative and this was the first time to see the executive and development partner working on ensuring the sustainability of the impact of the overture with its noble goals.

Moustafa added that different executive mechanisms were adopted for putting the initiative into effect.

CSR Egypt teamed up with Sona3 El Khair Foundation for Development for three years under the first stage of the initiative to make sure that the support reaches those who deserve.

Moustafa said “We collaborated with governmental partners in the field of education and health under the initiative.

The initiative’s second stage aims to provide integrated healthcare services for about 100,000 children in Beheira and Beni Suef governorates at about EGP 20 million, according to the CIB.

This comes on the back of the success of the first stage under which 50,000 children underwent medical check-ups in the Upper Egypt governorate of Qena at a total cost of EGP 11 million.

The initiative was launched under the patronage of the cabinet and under the supervision of the Ministries of Social Solidarity, Health and Education.

CSR Egypt, Sona3 El Khair Foundation for Development and the National Alliance for Civil Development Work joined hands for implementing the overture – which falls within the context of the presidential initiative Decent Life.

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