Dubai mural made of 112 kg of recycled plastic

Dubai mural made of 112 kg of recycled plastic
By Marwa Nassar - -

The Sustainable City – Dubai said a communal art mural was made of about 112 kilograms of plastic waste; an amount equal to waste dispersed by every UAE resident in 62 days.

The mural was made entirely from recycled plastic collected by Tadweer Waste Management to mark plastic-free July.

The mural is now displayed in a central community wall in The Sustainable City Plaza throughout the month of July.

It stands as a symbol of creativity and community spirit and a reminder of the ongoing battle against plastic pollution.

This initiative represented a collaborative, inclusive activity that aims to bring residents, and students from Fairgreen International School and Sanad Village together, foster creativity, and promote sustainability through the creation of a collaborative mural.

The initiative also encouraged people to get engaged in addressing environmental issues.

Plaza shops have successfully adopted a single-use plastic-free strategy, dramatically reducing the collective plastic footprint since 2019.

Moreover, the community has championed the reporpusing of materials; like using recycled building materials for setting up playgrounds and the animal sanctuary.

These efforts are part of a broader strategy to reduce waste, avoid single-use plastics and encourage the recycling and reuse of materials.

Dubai has recently introduced a complete ban on single-use bags across the city. This ban includes plastic, paper, and biodegradable bags, with plans to gradually ban other single-use plastic items like straws, cups, cutlery, and food containers by 2026.

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