“Egypt in Figures 2023″ Booklet includes key sustainable development indicators

 “Egypt in Figures 2023″ Booklet includes key sustainable development indicators
09 / 08 / 2023
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

“Egypt in Figures 2023” Booklet – released by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) – includes three key indicators of sustainable development in Egypt; namely demographic, economic and environmental dimensions.

The latest release includes recent data on demographic statistics that cover population, employability, natality and mortality, and marital status.

It also includes social statistics which cover education statistics of pre -university stage (schools, classrooms, students), university education (enrolled, graduates), research centers, spending on scientific researches, as well as hospitals (patients, beds, etc) and treatment at public expenses.

It also comprises cultural statistics and artistic activities alongside economic statistics that cover foreign trade statistics, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), balance of payment, debts, agriculture production, self-sufficiency percentage, industrial production, transportation, and communications statistics.

The booklet also includes tourism and environmental statistics.

The booklet gives an accurate image and statistical information reflecting the changes that occurred in most sectors.

By providing this version, CAPMAS hopes to provide needed data for decision-makers, researchers, individuals, institutions, as well as domestic, regional and international organizations.

The booklet tackled the population file as one of the most important topics. The number of population hit 105.3 million now against 104,462 million in January 2023, thus marking a significant rise.

The booklet expounded that this means that the number of population upped by 10 million in less than seven years according to the 2017 statistics.

The economic growth rates should be at least triple the population growth rate in order to maintain the standard of living and ensure the returns of development.


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