Egypt launches initiative for reducing medical errors on World Patients Safety Day

Egypt launches initiative for reducing medical errors on World Patients Safety Day
18 / 09 / 2022
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

Egypt marks the World Patient Safety Day – which falls on September 17 – with launching a new initiative for reducing medical errors which cost the world almost $ 42 billion annually.

Chairman of the General Authority of Healthcare Accreditation and Regulation (GAHAR) Ashraf Ismail has announced the launch of the initiative under the rubric “safe hospitals equal life opportunity” to curb medical errors in all healthcare facilities.

He said the unsafe practices of surgical measures cause infections of more than 7 million people annually with dangerous repercussions and the death of one million people during or after surgeries.

He said the patients’ safety starts from the safety of the medical facilities and the surrounding environment.

This has prompted the GAHAR to develop standards for green and sustainable health facilities in partnership with the World Health Organization and with the participation of 18 ministries and Egyptian agencies.

He referred to the GAHAR’s success in getting 195 health facilities to abide by the authority’s internationally-approved standards from the International Society for Quality in Health Care.

The initiative aims at decreasing the cases of infections related to ventilators and sepsis, the surgical infections to 1% and the medication errors by 70% within 12 months, he said.

The initiative also aims at reaching to a 0% of the cases of patient falls, ulcers, fire accidents, wrong tube connections and errors in surgeries within 12 months, he said.

This came in Ismail’s speech during the inauguration of “patients safety” conference organized by the authority on Saturday with the participation of the World Health Organization, General Authority for Healthcare, General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance, Egyptian Drug Authority, General Authority for Unified Procurement, Arab Hospitals Federation and a galaxy of health mechanism leaderships and healthcare cadres in different medical domains.

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