Egyptian firms embrace CSR by injecting millions to support state in COVID-19 crisis

Egyptian firms embrace CSR by injecting millions to support state in COVID-19 crisis
20 / 04 / 2020
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

Egyptian companies have embraced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by pumping millions to support the Egyptian government to overcome the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Egypt’s tycoon Mohamed Abul-Enein, CEO of Ceramica Cleopatra Group, donated EGP 78 million to reinforce state efforts in the face of the coronavirus.

About EGP 25 million of the total sum is scheduled to go to Tahya Misr fund to back its outstanding efforts in containing the coronavirus crisis.

The Ceramica Cleopatra Group also joined hands with the Third Field Army Command to fully upgrade El Sabah Hospital in Suez city at a total cost of EGP 24 million. After renovations, the hospital will be ready to be used by the Health Ministry as an isolation hospital.

About EGP 3.3 million went to securing needed medical equipment for hospitals, especially the Imbaba fever hospital, the Sohag educational hospital and the Zagazing Ahrar hospital.

The Abul-Enein Charitable Association earmarked EGP 25 million for most needy families and villages in various Egyptian governorates. Within this context, about 150,000 foodstuff packages were distributed among vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development donated  EGP100 million to support the government in its battle against the coronavirus.

About EGP 40 million was allocated to support daily wage workers and families in need, while EGP 60 million was channeled into buttressing the government and Health Ministry’s preventive measures.

Also, Al Mansour Automotive donated EGP 50 million to back the Egyptian government to be able to purchase needed medical supplies and ventilators.

Al Mansour Autmotive CEO Mohamed Lotfi Mansour said that the action stems from the company’s commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support the nation.

Moreover, Vodafone Egypt donated EGP 10 million to buttress the Egyptian Health Ministry in fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19). The funds would help the ministry buy needed medical equipment for isolation hospitals.

The company also spearheaded a campaign for spreading awareness about COVID-19 and donating via SMS to reinforce state efforts in this crisis.

Under the campaign, the company offered a free SMS service for its customers to promote the health ministry’s efforts by sending awareness messages about COVID-19 to their relatives. The company donates EGP 1 for each awareness SMS.

The Health Ministry provides the company with the content of the awareness messages to be circulated among its customers.

Vodafone also launched an educational platform to help Egyptian students continue their studies online in accordance with the government decision to shut down schools as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The company has also launched a “Stay at Home” initiative to encourage people to stay at home and go out only for emergency to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Vodafone Egypt CEO Alexandre Froment-Curtil said “The social responsibility of the private sector should be embraced in this period. We hope that our initiative would incentivize more companies to follow suit in order to reinforce the Egyptian government’s efforts to confront the coronavirus and overcome this crisis.”

For its part, Orange Egypt donated EGP 5 million to offer financial support for poor families who were affected by the precautionary measures adopted over the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The company coordinated efforts with the Social Solidarity Ministry to ensure that the funds would end up in the hands of needy families.

Meanwhile, Tatweer Misr also donated EGP 5 million through engaging in initiatives and coalitions with the public sector and the civil society to prop up the state efforts.

For its part, Ibnsina Pharma earmarked EGP 4 million for supplying isolation hospitals with needed medical equipment.

Egyptian companies cherished CSR to encourage more companies and businessmen to give hand to the government in such unprecedented crisis.

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