Eight presidential directives on Labor Day for decent life of all social strata

Eight presidential directives on Labor Day for decent life of all social strata
03 / 05 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued eight directives on the Labor Day to ensure providing decent life for all social strata, especially workers.

The president directed to promptly conclude discussions on the draft labor law in the Supreme Council for Social Dialogue and call on the esteemed House of Representatives to swiftly discuss the draft law as early as possible, paving the way for its promulgation.

He also instructed to increase the value of the minimum allowance paid by the Emergency Assistance Fund for Workers from 600 Egyptian pounds to 1500 Egyptian pounds as a minimum for each worker.

The president said the Ministry of Manpower shall boost its efforts in upgrading the vocational training system to provide skilled Egyptian labor capable of meeting the needs of the labor market, locally and internationally. It shall also seek to benefit from the successful experiences of the private sector in this regard.

President Sisi also directed to establish a full-fledged training center to cater for training needs of job seekers in the labor market, in line with the required international standards. This center should be a destination for skills development, drawing job seekers in Egypt and the region.

The president also instructed to proactively identify emerging jobs and their associated skill requirements.

The president added that the Ministry of Manpower shall develop a comprehensive national strategy to promote the culture of occupational safety and health, ensure compliance with its requirements, and provide a safe working environment for employers and workers, in order to safeguard all citizens; workers, employers, and the public. This is in addition to developing awareness campaigns for employers on the importance to committing to the occupational safety and health standards.

President Sisi issued directives to proceed with efforts to up the employment rates of people of determination and integrating them into the labor market; and increasing the employment rates of women and empowering them economically, while ensuring they can keep a balance between their family and work duties.

The president instructed to provide necessary legal protection for workers by increasing inspection rates of facilities subject to the labor law to ensure the enforcement of the law’s provisions and the application the minimum wage.

The president underlined“We will always remain committed to upholding the rights of Egypt’s workers. The state will continue to work, hand in hand, with the efforts of our honorable workers and the traditional patriotic role of the employers to shape the nation’s future, to increase employment rates, strengthen social protection nets, and raise wage levels.”

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