Foodics-Suplyd partnership backs digital transformation, Egypt Vision 2030

 Foodics-Suplyd partnership backs digital transformation, Egypt Vision 2030
08 / 11 / 2023
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

Foodics, the leading restaurant management and payment solutions in MENA, announced partnering with Suplyd in Egypt, the prominent digital supply chain management and procurement platform, to support digital transformation and Egypt Vision 2030.

This partnership offers a comprehensive supply chain management solution to restaurants in Egypt, making it easier for restaurant owners to manage their inventory and procurement operations at all times.

The partnership will integrate Suplyd’s procurement platform with Foodics’ restaurant management system, creating a first-of-its-kind experience for restaurant owners. The collaboration will empower Foodics clients by granting them access to an extensive range of supplies, offering competitive prices, and making informed purchasing decisions from a diverse selection of reputable brands.

By removing manual searches and guaranteeing seamless real-time synchronization for purchase orders to lower the risk of overstocking or pointless purchases, the integration solves several pain points for restaurants. Through this collaboration, the restaurants can optimize inventory management, minimize waste, and accurately forecast and monitor inventory levels.

The collaboration is scheduled to take place in phases, promising a range of invaluable advantages for restaurant owners. In the first phase, the emphasis lies on simplifying the time-consuming manual ordering and reordering processes. The subsequent phase of the partnership will take things a step further by introducing automation to the inventory replenishment process.

This integration of cutting-edge technologies empowers restaurant owners with heightened efficiency and paves the way for success, offering a seamless procurement experience that optimizes operations and enhances overall productivity.

 In a statement following the signing of the agreement with Suplyd, Belal Zahran, General Manager of Foodics in Egypt, stated: “Our partnership with Suplyd brings a new level of cost-effectiveness and ease of doing business for our valued Foodics clients in Egypt. One of the biggest challenges for restaurants has always been leveraging their negotiation power to get the best prices in the market. With this partnership, we are bringing that power to their fingertips”.

Gohar Said, CEO of Suplyd, added “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Foodics. Together, we will empower the industry and deliver an exceptional supply chain experience to every restaurant. Foodics’ remarkable journey, so far, has been truly inspiring, so through this collaboration, we will further enhance the efficiency and growth of the F&B ecosystem.”

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