GEIPP Forum on Eco-Industrial Parks opens in Egypt

GEIPP Forum on Eco-Industrial Parks opens in Egypt
21 / 05 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

The Global Eco-Industrial Parks Program (GEIPP) Forum kicked off in Egypt on May 20 with an aim to mobilize national stakeholders and businesses around the transition of Egyptian Industrial Parks to Eco-Industrial Parks.

The event is organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The forum is dedicated to fostering sustainable industrial development in Egypt through the promotion and mainstreaming of Eco-Industrial Parks.

The GEIPP Forum on Eco-Industrial Parks will serve as a platform to achieve several critical objectives such as raising awareness among national stakeholders about the development of Egyptian Eco-Industrial Parks and highlighting the related policy achievements.

The Forum will also aim at the engagement of the national business sector to ensure its active participation and commitment in the transition process and promotion of investment in sustainable industrial development among investors and the financial sector.

The forum will address key issues through various sessions to provide insights into the Global Eco-Industrial Parks Program and its significance in promoting sustainable industrial development, introduce the roadmap for transitioning Egyptian industrial parks to eco-industrial parks and present the Egyptian experience in eco-industrial parks implementation, highlighting successful eco-industrial parks projects in Egypt.

The Forum will also include a session on financing, a presentation to inform attendees about financing options available for eco-industrial parks projects in Egypt and a session on international experiences showcasing best practices from around the world.

In addition to the informative sessions, an exhibition area will be dedicated to participating Industrial Parks, Orascom Industrial Park, Robbiki Leather Cluster and Polaris Parks and UNIDO. This space will facilitate networking opportunities and showcase successful projects and initiatives contributing to the collaborative atmosphere of the event.

Eco-Industrial Parks offer numerous benefits compared to conventional industrial parks, including reduced environmental footprint, efficiency gains, community cohesion, access to finance, and enhanced business competitiveness.

The GEIPP-Egypt project – funded by the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) and implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry – aims to demonstrate the viability and benefits of Eco-Industrial Parks in scaling up resource productivity and enhancing economic, environmental, and social performances of businesses.

With a total budget of approximately EUR 1.6 M and a duration of three years (2022-2024), the project was poised to catalyze sustainable growth across Egypt’s industrial landscape. It is carried out at 3 industrial parks, Orascom Industrial Park, Polaris Parksand Robbiki Leather Cluster. Other main stakeholders include SCZONE, Industrial Authority (IDA), General Authority for Investments and Free Zones (GAFI).

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