GRI report: Over 1,500 new GRI Certified Sustainability Professionals

GRI report: Over 1,500 new GRI Certified Sustainability Professionals
11 / 07 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

The 2023 annual report of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) highlighted growing interest in sustainability and GRI standards with over 1,500 new GRI Certified Sustainability Professionals and 500+ members of GRI Community.

The report referred to 846,165 downloads of the GRI Standards during the year.

The report also highlighted the launch of new Topic Standards and Sector Standards projects (for biodiversity, labor, climate change and economic impacts; and mining, financial services and textiles and apparel, respectively).

The report underlined Significant progress towards interoperability between the European Sustainability Reporting Standards and GRI Standards, with a renewed MoU signed with the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG).

Setting an example for other organizations and businesses on how to embrace transparency and accountability for impacts on the economy, environment and people, GRI has published its annual sustainability report.

Produced in accordance with the GRI Standards, the 2023 Annual Report: Mainstreaming Impact Reporting – builds on the materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement exercise, with insights on the following six material topics; GRI Standards development,standardized impact reporting
Driving reporting uptake, increasing reporting robustness, impacts on people, and economic impacts.

Additionally, the yearly report sheds light on the key activities and achievements across all GRI teams and networks, with a dedicated case study for each geographic region – including the launch of the Sustainability Innovation Lab in Singapore and the Discovering GRI program in Latin America.

For the first time, the report provides details on diversity and inclusion as well as GRI’s steps towards net-zero, by disclosing calculations of the CO2 emissions from business travel and staff commuting.

“As the global leader for impact reporting, it is important for us to walk the talk and demonstrate to other organizations that transparency for impacts is possible. As a medium-sized and internationally operating enterprise, our own report reflects that the GRI Standards are applicable and relevant for any organization, irrespective of size, location or sector. We look forward to continuing on a path of transparency and open dialogue and applying all learnings in our next reporting cycle,”Cristina Gil White, GRI’s Chief Operational Officer, said.

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