H&M cherishes sustainability in 2023

H&M cherishes sustainability in 2023
22 / 01 / 2024
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

H&M has cherished sustainability in 2023, especially in light of its efforts to improve its products to be used for longer and becoming easier to recycle.

At the time, H&M has been trying out new and exciting ways bring second-hand fashion and interior pieces to its customers.

H&M also focused on reducing emissions both within and beyond its own operations. Most of its impact comes from making products and H&M is working with its suppliers to help them switch to lower impact processes and renewable energy sources.

H&M also co-invested in a wind farm in Bangladesh to increase the availability of renewable energy in one of our most important production countries. What’s more, Stand.earth rated H&M as the top brand out of 43 for its work on cutting its emissions.

In April, H&M CEO Helena Helmersson was named Co-Chair of Fashion Pact, a coalition of CEOs working on improving the impact of our industry on climate, biodiversity and oceans. The following month, she visited Bangladesh to meet the Prime Minister and discuss developing a circular and climate neutral garment sector in the country.

Moreover, Forbes ranked H&M in November as no 7 out of 400 in their top companies for women, recognizing how H&M supports women both in and outside the workplace.

In the summer, the H&M Foundation announced the latest winners of the Global Change Award. This year, the 10 winners included a company that transforms food waste into biodegradable polyester, and another that extracts dyes from old fabrics and transfers them onto new ones.

Meanwhile, H&M Group Ventures, the investment arm, continued investing in the start up world by backing a company that makes bio-based and biodegradable polyester amongst others.

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