Kerry, Bloomberg announce $3 m for first of its kind climate initiative SCALE

Kerry, Bloomberg announce $3 m for first of its kind climate initiative SCALE
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US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and Michael R. Bloomberg, Special Envoy to the United Nations Secretary-General on Climate Ambition and Solutions and Founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, jointly announced $3 million in support of the Sub-national Climate Action Leaders’ Exchange (SCALE), a first-of-its-kind initiative to support cities, states, and regions in the development and implementation of net-zero, climate-resilient targets and roadmaps.

The US State Department intends to provide $1.5 million in support of SCALE, subject to Congressional notification and the completion of domestic procedures, which will be matched by $1.5 million from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

SCALE will empower sub-national champions to drive ambition at the national and international level and will leverage action and advocacy organized around a set of high-level thematic and sectoral goals needed to keep a 1.5-aligned, climate-resilient future within reach. The initiative will expand the number of sub-national entities committed to ambitious climate targets; connect them to relevant tools and resources and support the development of additional programs and technical assistance; showcase the efforts of leading cities, states, and regions and facilitate peer-to-peer exchange and capacity building; and promote multi-level and cross-sector dialogue, including on opportunities to mobilize finance for sub-national action at scale.

In its first phase, it will focus on accelerating implementation of the Global Methane Pledge and its call for a 30 percent reduction in methane emissions by 2030.

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