Mountain View launches programs to promote Egypt’s sustainable development plans

Mountain View launches programs to promote Egypt’s sustainable development plans
27 / 02 / 2023
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

The Mountain View Development Foundation (MVDF) has launched programs to promote state plans for sustainable

development and decent life.

The foundation spearheaded its first program for upskilling talented technical workers to have a decent job and improve their living conditions.

This contributes to promoting the national economy’s competitiveness.

The foundation cooperates with the ministries concerned as well as local and international business organizations to activate training programs for workers.

This falls within the framework of supporting the state plans and initiatives in this regard.

Mountain View – whose motto is reconstructing lands..making people around us happy – also believes in the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors and non-governmental organizations to overcome the challenges besetting the Egyptian community.

The first program – themed “discovering champions” – aims at searching for talented people in the fields of sports, arts, culture, technology and science and giving them a chance to get exceptional support.

This contributes to creating a new generation of talents that could enrich the cultural, sports and scientific lives.

The foundation will engage in partnerships with governmental bodies to reach talented people in various governorates within the framework of the presidential initiative “Decent Life”.

The second program – to be implemented by the Mountain View Academy – is meant to develop Mountain View international school for applied technology for top-notch technical education methods.

Graduates from this school have an opportunity to work in major companies.

The program will be carried out in partnership with the USAID. The Mountain View Academy will be responsible for equipping training centers and laying down training curricula to upskill future workers and make up for the labor market gap.

Mountain View company for development and real estate investment has set up the Mountain View Development Foundation to be the development arm of the company in order to achieve its strategy of spreading happiness even outside Mountain View communities via projects and programs aiming at realizing sustainable development in the Egyptian community in collaboration with governmental bodies and civil society organizations.

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