OPPO PR chief to CSR Egypt: Oppo prioritizing CSR activities to serve Egyptian community

OPPO PR chief to CSR Egypt: Oppo prioritizing CSR activities to serve Egyptian community
29 / 06 / 2020
بقلم Ahmed Abdel Qawi - Mohamed El Ghobashy - - | Edited by Marwa Nassar

Public Relations Manager of the leading mobile phones company Oppo Marwa Mounir said the company gives a top priority for backing the Egyptian community, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

In exclusive statements to CSR Egypt, Mounir said the CSR file is one of the most important files for the international company which has its branch in Egypt.

In October, the company decided to adopt a groundbreaking attitude to address CSR through what is called “photographing club” which is meant to support amateur and professional photographers.

The company contracted with a large number of photographers to come up with a different day that enriched this innovative sector under the umbrella of CSR.

Moreover, the company has also been engaged in several social activities since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Mounir said, referring to an awareness campaign launched in collaboration with specialized doctors in various scores.

The company issued an awareness video which recorded over 4 million views, she said.

She added that Oppo launched over the past period campaigns on means of sanitizing mobiles to avoid coronavirus infection.

Mounir added that the company has recently spearheaded a campaign for supporting COVID-19 patients and the Egyptian community through distributing 15,000 food boxes – worth EGP 5 million – in various governorates.

Mounir stressed that Oppo Egypt spares no effort to support and serve the Egyptian community, noting that more CSR plans will be implemented in the coming period.

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