Palestinian, Moroccan teams sole Arab winners of UNESCO’s SDGs innovation contest for students

Palestinian, Moroccan teams sole Arab winners of UNESCO’s SDGs innovation contest for students
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Two Palestinian teams and two other Moroccans were the sole Arab teams named among the 83 winning teams of the Future Designer International Innovation Design Awards and Science for the Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Contest of UNESCO.

The winning teams are made up of school and university students from 24 countries; namely Argentina, Austria, Belarus, China, Costa Rica, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Japan, Rwanda, Spain, Sri Lanka, Russian Federation, Ghana, Kenya, Palestine, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

The two winning Palestinian projects are “ImPulse: New Paradigm of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Training” and “The Role of Technology and Science In Achieving Sustainable Development”, while the winning Moroccan projects are the “New Intelligent System for Early Detection of Mechanical Fatigue” and the “Intelligent Solar Bike.”

The winning teams were selected from among over 1,500 applications from 48 countries. A total of 228 entries advanced to the stage of the final evaluation.

The winning designs range from an Air Ionizing-Humidifier with an Indoor Air Pollutant Detector to a solar-powered public bench, re-usable LED bulbs and tubes with a replaceable cartridge and sustainable fashion in the form of bags made from ‘green’ materials that are produced using a three-dimensional (3D) printer.

About 30% (25) of the 83 teams won gold awards. Another 29 teams won silver and 29 bronze awards. Each winning team will receive a certificate.

The designs were judged by a panel of 21 experts in science, engineering, art and design. Careful consideration was given to ensuring gender equality and geographical diversity, as recommended by UNESCO’s partners and its science and engineering networks.

About the award:

UNESCO launched these design awards in September last year within the framework of the UNESCO – UNITRAIN Youth Competence Development Project.

The awards are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students worldwide. The aim is to solicit innovative, creative works from young people around the world to raise awareness of the important role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics will play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

As UNESCO celebrates the winners, it also looks forward to the ripple effects that their designs will make. These designs exemplify the power of scientific and artistic collaboration to produce new products and processes capable of fostering more sustainable production and consumption patterns.

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