Paragon Developments, HotDesk partner to provide innovative workspace solutions in NAC

Paragon Developments, HotDesk partner to provide innovative workspace solutions in NAC
24 / 05 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

Paragon Developments has teamed up with HotDesk, a global leader in on-demand workspace booking, to provide innovative technological solutions for workspaces in the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

This strategic alliance reflects Paragon’s commitment to implementing cutting-edge technologies across all its services and offering innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions for startups and individuals working in NAC.

This partnership focuses on enhancing the importance of the New Administrative Capital, especially the financial district, as a vital hub for businesses and governments.

It aims to redefine workspaces and provide effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses in this vibrant area, ensuring services that align with modern market trends, thereby transforming it into a prime business center both locally and internationally.

Paragon aims to become the primary provider of on-demand office services in the New Administrative Capital through the implementation of HotDesk, allowing users to choose and reserve suitable workspace with just one click, for the first time in NAC.

This expands the company’s vision to offer sustainable and innovative workspace solutions. The partnership also seeks to provide economical solutions for companies and individuals working in NAC, creating interactive work environments that encourage innovation and collaboration among companies and individuals.

Commenting on the partnership, Bedeirr Rizk, CEO of Paragon Developments, said “Our partnership with HotDesk represents a strategic step towards achieving our vision of providing sustainable and flexible work environments supported by the latest technology in the New Administrative Capital. We are excited to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving market demands and look forward to creating an interactive work community that fosters growth and innovation through this partnership to enable technology. We aim to provide an integrated work environment that combines advanced technology, flexibility, and sustainability, enhancing productivity and helping companies and individuals achieve their professional goals in an ideal work environment.”

Mohamed Khalid, Co-founder and CEO of HotDesk, added “Our goal is to create workspaces that not only meet but exceed expectations. The partnership between HotDesk and Paragon is the first step in our vision to provide innovative solutions for shared workspaces in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. This collaboration goes beyond just providing workspaces; it’s about creating environments that enhance productivity and support sustainable interaction and innovation.”

PARAGON.1 is the first administrative building of the company in the New Administrative Capital, it is a green and sustainable building designed to host offices and work communities.

This collaboration represents a significant step towards introducing PARAGON.1 to a new market, as the New Administrative Capital is considered an untapped market for such services.

PARAGON.1 serves as HotDesk’s gateway to this market, becoming the primary provider of on-demand workspaces in the New Administrative Capital.

Through this dynamic partnership, a comprehensive array of services will be provided include on-demand office spaces, providing flexible workspaces for individuals and startups, with the option for daily or monthly bookings.

Additionally, innovative work environments will be designed for comfort, equipped with fully furnished meeting rooms and lounge areas.

Emphasis will also be placed on sustainable solutions using eco-friendly building materials and energy-saving techniques, along with creating collaborative work communities that encourage innovation and interaction among companies and individuals.

This partnership also targets university students and startups seeking flexible office solutions, as well as school students and remote workers.

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