PaySky sole Egyptian, Arab African startup to win “We Make Future” Competition

PaySky sole Egyptian, Arab African startup to win “We Make Future” Competition
18 / 06 / 2023
By Marwa Nassar - -

Yalla Super App, owned by PaySky the leading company in the field of financial technology and digital payment solutions, was named as the sole Egyptian, Arab African startup to win “We Make Future” Competition in San Francisco.

Emerging victorious against five European startups, Yalla Super App occupied the first place in the “We Make Future” competition, renowned as the largest startup competition for identifying the most innovative companies.

The winning comes in appreciation of PaySky’s efforts and achievements in the financial technology sector and its constant keenness to provide innovative solutions to bridge the gap in financial services sector worldwide.

This also highlights the company’s commitment to democratize the electronic payment system and promoting financial inclusion by offering the most accessible and user-friendly digital finance services to individuals and businesses.

PaySky and Yalla Super App’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Waleed Sadek, has expressed great excitement over PaySky’s victory in the “We Make Future” competition, saying: “We are proud to be the only startup from Egypt, the Arab world and Africa to win this competition, as we were able to build a model capable of competing with international companies through Yalla Super App, which provides the easiest and best financial and non-financial digital solutions for individuals and businesses.”

He added “We are glad to qualify for the global competition, which requires us significant effort to stand out among others.”

“The exposure has a great potential to strengthen not only Egyptian startups landscape but also the company’s business model. We at PaySky remain committed to continuous innovation and development of our very own Yalla Super App model as we move forward,” he said.

Sadek highlighted that this award emphasizes the role of Egyptian startups in accelerating digital transformation and electronic payment. In fact, it aligns with the directives of the Egyptian administration and Central Bank of Egypt to support and develop Startups to spur innovation and bolster the economy in unprecedented ways.”

It is worth mentioning that the “We Make Future” festival combines education, culture, business, networking, and entertainment, bringing together individuals, businesses, and organizations to explore digital technologies and artificial intelligence for building a better future. The festival involves participation from startups, students, professionals, and other non-governmental institutions and organizations.

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