Sanofi Egypt has long-term strategy for training, raising awareness about sustainability

Sanofi Egypt has long-term strategy for training, raising awareness about sustainability
By Marwa Nassar - -

Head of Communication, CSR and PAG at Sanofi Egypt Ghada Michael accentuated that the company has a long-term strategy for training, raising awareness of sustainability concepts and achieving development.

She made the remarks during the 13th CSR and Sustainable Development Forum which is organized by CSR Egypt. The four-day event kicked off on Thursday in the Red Sea resort city of Hurghada.

Michael said it is necessary to come up with innovative solutions for rare diseases and encourage doctors to join entrepreneurship.

She added that Sanofi Egypt has a 10-year sustainable development vision, noting that the company has obtained an ISO certificate for getting rid of its waste safely.

The company unveiled the first-of-its-kind study in Egypt and Africa – conducted in collaboration with Ain Shams University – with an aim to cut carbon emissions of the patient’s treatment journey.

She noted that the DCarbon company has analyzed the study’s impact on the environment and climate, she added.

Sanofi Egypt opened the door for raising awareness on available opportunities for lowering carbon emissions of the healthcare sector, she highlighted.

The study showed that remote medical services and advice contributes not only to cutting emissions of this sector by 74 percent, but also to alleviating burdens on patients, she noted.

She added that the study is the first and important step for collecting data that would help the healthcare sector to be on track of sustainability.

She said “we are in a new era of healthcare and we need to benefit from all resources and discover new ways for offering healthcare services for patients while protecting the environment.”

She said the company is looking forward to proceeding with the pilot program for collecting more important data for curbing carbon emissions.

Sanofi is offering the first of its kind remote medical platform for atopic eczema and asthma patients, she said, noting that the company is offering innovative solutions for merging social and environmental factors into the healthcare sector to improve patients life and reduce financial burdens for cutting carbon emissions.

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