Schneider Electric to introduce Energy Impact Fund for Africa

Schneider Electric to introduce Energy Impact Fund for Africa
21 / 03 / 2023
By Marwa Nassar - -

Schneider Electric will introduce the Gaia Energy Impact Fund to expand energy access, accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources and transform the energy landscape in Africa.

The fund is developed in collaboration with Capital CroissanceInvestisseurs & Partenaires and Gaia Impact.

“Access to energy is a basic human right, and one we are investing in to improve the lives and livelihoods of many,” said Albert Fuchet, Global VP of Access to Energy, Schneider Electric. “Through collaboration, innovative solutions and strategic investments, we can effectively empower underserved communities with access to clean energy and long-term opportunities.”

At the Energy Access Investment Forum, Schneider Electric will also showcase a range of innovative solutions to expand energy access. These include the Homaya Hybrid and Homaya Pro — smart, solar-powered hybrid inverters designed to supply power to locations with limited access to the grid; EcoStruxure Energy Access Expert, a remote monitoring platform specifically designed for rural electrification to enhance the visibility of microgrid sites; and Schneider’s training and entrepreneurship program that trains and supports women entrepreneurs in the energy sector and advances inclusive and sustainable local development.

Schneider experts at the event will speak on key topics such as catalyzing investments for renewable electrification, decentralizing the renewable energy sector and accelerating the clean energy transition across sub-Saharan Africa.

As an Impact company, Schneider Electric is committed to bridging progress and sustainability for all. The Access to Energy programcreated in 2009, draws on the company’s expertise and local footprint to develop safe, affordable, and reliable technological solutions to support the growing energy needs of developing countries. This is pursued in close partnership with local public sector stakeholders and civil society groups. As part of its own sustainability goals, Schneider Electric aims to connect 50 million people globally to clean and reliable energy by 2025.

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