SGE Switzerland team’s visit to Lafarge Egypt reflects interest in country’s green investments

SGE Switzerland team’s visit to Lafarge Egypt reflects interest in country’s green investments
02 / 06 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

A visit by Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE) delegation to Lafarge Egypt‘s cement plant in Ain Sokhna reflects SGE’s interest in promoting green investments and sustainable development in the country.

During the visit, Lafarge Egypt, the leading producer of sustainable building materials in Egypt, affirmed its commitment to building a more sustainable future by implementing smarter solutions to greening the production cycle by using eco-friendly fuel, resulting from the innovative waste management solutions by Geocycle Egypt, and fostering sustainable construction through its green products.

All these efforts underline Lafarge’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility and enhance its role as a strategic partner in achieving the UN SDGs & a net zero future and promoting the green economy in Egypt.

Organized by the Swiss Chamber of Business in Egypt, the visit aims to encourage foreign investment in Egypt and highlight Lafarge Egypt’s success as a role model in the building materials industry. The collaboration showcases efforts to strengthen economic ties and attract Swiss investments to contribute to Egypt’s growth.

Eng. Najib Ribi, Industrial Sectors Director of Lafarge Egypt and Eng. Adham El-Mahdy, Sustainability Director of Lafarge Egypt & GM of Geocycle Egypt, welcomed Mehmet Yildirimli, SGE Global Senior Consultant for Africa and Turkey, Eng. Kamal Abdel Malek, President of the Swiss Chamber Board, and Eng. Sara Al Haddad, Executive Director of the Swiss Chamber. Through this visit, Lafarge Egypt aimed to transfer its extensive experience to Swiss investors and motivate them to exploit promising opportunities in the building materials sector.

Mehmet Yildirimli, Senior Consultant for Africa and Turkey at SGE, expressed his contentment at visiting the Lafarge Egypt’s cement plant and praised the company’s achievements in the building materials industry and its efforts towards building a more sustainable future.

He praised the company’s commitment to implementing innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, stressing on the importance of these efforts in promoting economic and environmental development.

He added “We at the Switzerland Global Enterprise are keen to strengthen cooperation between Switzerland and Egypt in the fields of investment, infrastructure, and sustainability, and we are confident that this visit will contribute to achieving development goals.”

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