Sisi: 2nd, 3rd stages of Decent Life expected to cost over EGP 1 trln

Sisi: 2nd, 3rd stages of Decent Life expected to cost over EGP 1 trln
15 / 06 / 2023
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said that the cost of the first stage of the presidential initiative “Decent Life” (Hayah Karima) hit EGP 350 billion with the second and third stages expected to cost more than EGP 1 trillion.

He noted that the estimated cost for the first stage was EGP 200-250 billion, highlighting the diverse challenges facing Egypt.

President made the remarks on Wednesday while on a tour for inaugurating a number of Decent Life projects in Abaadiya Village in Beheira aimed at developing the Egyptian countryside.

He noted that the state seeks through its agricultural development projects cultivating about 2 million feddans in Beheira governorate, thus securing more jobs.

He underlined the importance of protecting agricultural lands as reclaiming and cultivating one feddan costs about EGP 300,000

President Sisi said Egypt has set up universities over the past six years that can cater for the country’s educational needs until 2050, stressing keenness on solving all educational problems nationwide.

Meanwhile, the president said that the presidential initiative for ending waiting lists of surgeries was launched four years ago targeting about 12,000 cases, but now it has addressed about 2 million cases.

He noted that this initiative’s cost stood at about EGP 20 billion, of which the state secured about EGP 15-16 billion. The rest of the money was provided by several institutions, including Al Azhar, banks and civil society organizations.

President Sisi said Egypt is facing many challenges and it has been passing through a crisis almost for three years; starting with the coronavirus pandemic and then came the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

This has largely affected the Egyptian and international economies, he said, noting that Egypt is trying to alleviate the impact of the crisis.

Moreover, Sisi noted that Egypt’s population rose over the past three years by about six million, adding that Egypt received over the past seven weeks over 220,000 people from Sudan over the crisis from which their country is suffering.

President Sisi underlined the state’s keenness on securing all people’s needs in light of Egypt’s bloating population which hit about 105 million and the 9 million refugees which Egypt hosts.

He said millions of people fled to Egypt from their countries which were suffering from infighting and problems, expounding that Egypt – despite its hard conditions – opened the door for them to join its schools and be treated at its hospitals.

Sisi stressed that Egypt is striving the impact of such crises and ensure decent life for people.

About Decent Life Initiative:

President Sisi launched “Decent Life Initiative” in January 2019 with an aim to secure a decent life for vulnerable people nationwide in line with the United Nations SDG 1 on No Poverty.

The initiative is meant to support most needy villages nationwide depending on the data available on the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS).

The State allocated an initial budget of EGP 103 billion for the initiative, according to Egypt’s Projects Map.

Pursuing SDGs, the initiative also aims at promoting health and educational services, upgrading utilities, generating jobs, promoting small and medium sized enterprises.

The first stage of the initiative targeted 377 of most needy villages where poverty rate exceeds 70 percent. This stage is meant to support 756,000 families (3 million individuals) in these villages in 11 governorates.

The second stage targets 375 rural communities in 14 governorates where poverty rates range between 50 to 70 percent.

The third stage of the initiative targets villages where poverty rates are below 50 percent.

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