Sisi urges African leaders to join hands to realize sustainable development

Sisi urges African leaders to join hands to realize sustainable development
11 / 12 / 2019
بقلم Mohamed El Ghobashy - - | Edited by Marwa Nassar

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi exhorted African leaders to join hands to realize sustainable development and take action to curb climate change.

Sisi – who is currently holding the rotating presidency of the African Union – urged African leaders to take responsible action vis-à-vis the consequences of climate change which led to exacerbating desertification and scarcity of water and natural resources.

He made the remarks on Wednesday during the inaugural session of the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development, which is taking place in Aswan, Upper Egypt, on December 11-12.

Sisi stressed that this is the right timing for realizing peace, security and sustainable development in Africa.

He urged African countries to rally efforts confront the challenges besetting Africa, topped by fighting terrorism and associated phenomena of arms and human trafficking, illegal migration and organized crimes.

He added, however, that African countries managed to forge the 2063 African development agenda which caters for the aspirations of African people.

He also referred to Africa’s adoption of “Silencing the Guns by 2020” initiative which is meant put an end to conflicts in the continent through clear applicable frameworks that aim to eradicate the root causes of the conflicts and contribute to reconstructing and developing Africa in post-conflicts stage.

He urged African countries to rally efforts to forge peace agreements and development plans according to their national priorities.

He added that peace can only be achieved and sustained in the long term by promoting the role of countries and governments to exercise sovereignty over their lands and enhancing their institutional capabilities in various domains.

The president also called for working out executive policies to empower youth and women as well as supporting African states in post-conflict stage to avoid any setbacks.

Sisi said he is looking forward to inking an agreement on Egypt’s hosting of the African Union center for reconstruction and development in post-conflict stage which will be platform for preparing programs for countries that have just came out of conflicts in view of each country’s priorities.

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