Sustain360 CEO urges accomplishing carbon-removal goals by 2040

Sustain360 CEO urges accomplishing carbon-removal goals by 2040
02 / 07 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

Sustain360 CEO Baz Khuti called for accomplishing the goals related to removing carbon from industries by 2040.

He made the remarks during the 6th Forum on Strategies for Transition to Green Economy that kicked off earlier Monday.

The Sustain360 CEO underlined the need of a huge amount of money to implement green projects, stressing the importance of adopting modern technology and realizing balance.

He added that many companies are striving to remove carbon from industries, but there are still 70% of emissions need to be addressed.

He highlighted that modern technology will make it easier to collect data, which will help identify the risks affecting environmental projects.

The Sustain360 CEO emphasized the need to balance the funding requirements and adoption of modern technology to effectively address the challenges of climate change.

He asserted the importance of collecting data and making it available, calling for considering carbon management, some matters related to circular economy and climate risks which affect projects.

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