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Sustainable online grocer introduces zero-waste delivery service

Sustainable online grocer introduces zero-waste delivery service
Thursday 31 December , 2020
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Sustainable online grocer Good Club is launching a zero-waste delivery service in a move to tackle the problem of plastic waste in food packaging.

The service allows shoppers to choose from a range of sustainable household essentials in returnable, reusable product packaging.

Users of the service can select products from the Zero Waste range and Good Club will deliver them in returnable and reusable pots inside a returnable, reusable box. Shoppers then empty the pots into their own containers and leave all the packaging outside their front door to be collected for free the next day. Good Club then washes and refills the containers.

There will be over 70 products initially available in the range, according to the company, including nuts, oats, seeds, grains, pastas and rice.

The company intends to extend to range to almost 150 by the end of January 2021.

The eco-friendly online supermarket already offers a range of over 3,000 eco staples. The company sees the introduction of the zero-waste delivery service as “going one step further in its mission to help the environment.”

Some 83% of UK consumers consider the environmental sustainability of food and household items to be important, yet sustainable products only account for 8% of sales, according to research by YouGov.

Every year 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced and 40% of that is single-use, according to Good Club. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s oceans every year and over 100,000 animals in the sea are killed by plastic annually.

Ben Patten, co-founder of Good Club, said: “We know that the only way to hit sustainability targets is to get lots more people living sustainably.

“And the only way to get a lot more people buying sustainable groceries, is to make the shopping process ridiculously easy and convenient. That’s why we’ve developed a seamless next-day collection service, where we pick up the delivery box, any protective recycled packaging, and our products’ packaging, all for reuse.

“We’ll never be filling up our customers’ bins, unlike other services, which deliver in paper bags and cardboard boxes, which need to be recycled and can only really be reused a handful of times. Our delivery crates will be used indefinitely. We think it’s a simple solution to a complicated problem.”

“It’s our mission to make sustainable living achievable for all. Our new, zero-waste delivery service is just the start.”


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