Three UAE students invent eco-friendly tank to save 40% of wasted water

Three UAE students invent eco-friendly tank to save 40% of wasted water
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The three female students in the UAE invented an eco-friendly tank that will lead to saving up to 40 percent of wasted water.

The three students – who are studying at  the American School of Creative Science in Maliha – said their project is called “eco-tank” and it is designed to use a natural substance called  PolyGlu which is made from fermented soybeans.
They said PolyGlu will not only help to find sustainable solution to purifying water, it will also contribute to saving water.
They noted that they would develop their project to produce portable tanks to be used by individuals in poor countries which suffer from lack of clean water.
They added that their project will develop water purification mechanism for the water to be pure enough to drink.

They said saving water is one of the major challenges besetting the world in view of climate change and water scarcity. The United Nations has placed several world countries on a list of states suffering severe water shortage.

The students said their project won the first position in the 2019 Think Science competition after a cut-throat contest with about 150 other projects from more than 20 schools in Sharjah.

They noted that their teachers offered all needed support for them to accomplish their project, highlighting the role of teachers in incentivizing their students to think out of the box and find innovative solutions.

They added that schools’ adoption of environment-friendly initiatives inside their premises reminds students of the importance of environment protection, referring to recycling boxes and campaigns for recycling used batteries.

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