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UAE’s Bee’ah to manage waste in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

UAE’s Bee’ah to manage waste in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital
Wednesday 28 October , 2020
By Marwa Nassar - -

Bee’ah – the leading UAE company in the field of sustainability and environment services – announced signing a contract for waste management in Egypt‘s New Administrative Capital (NAC).

Bee’ah is scheduled to start operation in Egypt in March and it aims to adopt innovative solutions for managing 80 percent of waste away from landfills.

Bee’ah seeks to promote sustainability and it is working on establishing the first station in the Middle East for turning waste into energy.

Bee’ah – whose projects include various sectors of renewable energy, sustainable transportation, environmental advice and digital transformation – sought to expand its work in Saudi Arabia this year and it is offering services to about 1.2 million people in Madina Munawara.

Bee’ah’s new contract with Egypt falls within the framework of its plans to expand its work in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The 500-kilometer New Administrative Capital is one of the largest development projects in the world. It can absorb 6.5 million people and was designed to be a smart and sustainable city.

The new capital will comprise a new presidential premises, governmental district, diplomatic district, a parliamentary HQ and 21 residential areas.

Board Chairman of Bee’ah Salim bin Mohamed Al Owais said “We are glad to cooperate with the Administrative Capital for Urban Development Company in Egypt in this ambitious project which will contribute to the state’s march of development and prosperity under the basis of sustainability and technology. As we are about to realize our main goal to getting the UAE’s Sharjah to be the first city in the region to be free from waste by 2021.”

“We are ready to concentrate on our main goal to contribute to enhancing sustainability in communities in the Middle East region. We are proud that the Egyptian people is assisting us to attain our goals.”

For his part, Board Chairman of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development Company Ahmed Zaki Abdeen said “We are pleased to sign the contract with Bee’ah which is one of the pioneering regional companies in the environmental and sustainability domain. “

“This agreement marks an important step in improving services and adopting best international practices and innovative solutions to manage waste in addition to depending on technology and up-to-date digital systems to promote operation efficiency and turning as much waste away from landfills,” he said.

“We are looking forward to cooperating with our partners to proceed with our efforts to realize development and sustainability and improve quality of life of the Egyptian community,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bee’ah CEO Khaled Al Huraimel said “Bee’ah has a record as a leading company in the environmental services score based on two main axis; namely sustainability and digital transformation. “

He said “the company seeks to get rid of 80 percent of waste in Administrative through recycling and innovative solutions. We are ready to help the New Administrative Capital to become sustainable and eco-friendly city.”

Pursuing these goals, a team of more than 1000 people will serve about 2 million people in the first stage of developing the city.

The team will use Waste Pro which is the first comprehensive digital solution in the region to track down waste starting from collection to recycling and treatment. The AI technology will help facilitating the process and accomplishing it with high efficiency.”

More than 400 vehicles will be secured for cleaning the city and managing waste. Bee’ah will also provide under-earth containers in 30,000 waste collection points.

People can benefit from Bee’ah services via a mobile phone application.

Bee’ah will also work on developing programs for spreading awareness among various social strata.



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