UNDP: COP27 simulation to come up with ideas, solutions for climate change

UNDP: COP27 simulation to come up with ideas, solutions for climate change
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A United Nations Development Program (UNDP) official said that the simulation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) – due to be held in Egypt in November – will come up with ideas and solutions for confronting climate change.

During the launch of the first stage of the COP27 Simulation, Dr. Abeer Shakweer, UNDP Assistant Resident Representative in Egypt said “We are proud to launch the COP27 Simulation Model with the British University in Cairo. UNDP is playing an important role in supporting the Egyptian Government in its preparation for COP27. Youth are critical agents of change and tomorrow’s leaders. This simulation will provide them with a highly beneficial, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural learning opportunity to discuss, work together, and come up with ideas and solutions to face one of the most pressing global challenges, climate change.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Sarah El-Khishin, the Head of the COP27 Simulation Model, highlighted that this simulation model is organized in collaboration with UNDP under the shared vision to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), skill youth and support our closer and wider communities.

“This global youth-led climate conference brings students together from around the world to simulate country delegates and representatives of international climate stakeholders. Around 170 participants from 52 countries and around 120 Egyptian and international Universities are trained by distinguished scholars and practitioners to simulate country delegates and representatives of international climate stakeholders to promote a live dialogue on climate action.

Participants from Egypt and other countries are invited to Cairo to participate in the Mock COP27 Conference scheduled on 18th-20thof October, hosted by the British University in Egypt,” she added.

The British University in Egypt and the UNDP commenced the first stage of the International COP27 Simulation Model -the Capacity Building Program – on Sunday, 11th September 2022. The Model is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Professor Mahmoud Mohieldin, the COP27 High-Level Climate Action Champion.

UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for Egypt Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin said “I have all the pleasure and honor to join you today in the British University in Egypt. when this simulation was planned, I had a very positive impression. I got an update on the numbers for this unique project we had applicants from all around the world. The project is not for, elite, political leaders, and sophisticated people, it is for everyone”.

He concluded, “I will be with you again to participate in the day that will be witnessing the outcomes of your involvement and I am happy to be part of this and I would like to Thank the British University in Egypt for hosting and all the participants from all around the world in this very engaging and challenging exciting model that will have great outcomes on the participants.”

He affirmed the importance of simulation models as innovative ways to not only to accumulate knowledge but also to create a space for youth to design and share ideas and solutions for climate action and they can also be perceived as of the localization tools of sustainable development.

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