UNDP, MSMEDA team up for better health services, livelihood in Aswan village at EGP 2.5 m

UNDP, MSMEDA team up for better health services, livelihood in Aswan village at EGP 2.5 m
31 / 12 / 2023
By Marwa Nassar - -

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) teamed up with the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency of Egypt (MSMEDA) to develop health services offered in a village of the Upper Egypt governorate of Aswan which hosts Sudanese refugees.

The Governor of Aswan, Major General Ashraf Attia, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the MSMEDA Bassel Rahmy, and the Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Egypt Rawhi Afaghani announced the signing of two agreements that will support host communities in the Governorate of Aswan, with the collective financial contributions from these agreements amounting to EGP 2.5 million.

Both agreements will aim to finance the rehabilitation of the health unit in the Aswan village of Karkar. The Karkar health unit serves the communities in the village currently hosting Sudanese refugees, estimated at 186 refugee families, averaging 6 to 8 members per refugee family grouping.

The signing of the agreement will commence the “Improving the Resilience and Livelihoods of the Host Communities to the Sudanese Refugees in Aswan Governorate” project. The project aims to implement tailored interventions focusing on enhancing livelihoods through labor-intensive infrastructure activities in addition to improving access and promoting healthcare services through community services initiatives as well as awareness-raising activities. Such activities were identified as a priority area by the Aswan governorate and local NGOs in close consultation with MSMEDA to serve the targeted communities and their needs effectively.

It is worth noting that the first agreement amounts to 2 million EGP and aims to rehabilitate the health unit in Karkar village in the center of Aswan and, most importantly, to enhance access to healthcare services for both host community members and Sudanese families. The agreement will be implemented in cooperation with contractors from the local private sector and is expected to provide about 2,000 working days during the 4-month implementation period.

The second agreement aims to engage and employ local young women – aged 18-29–   in reproductive health care initiatives in the village of Karkar by generating 6,600 working days and comes in cooperation with the local NGO, Future Association for Development, Consumer Protection, and the Environment. The agreement, which is worth 500,000 EGP, also aims to increase access to family planning, reproductive health, maternal and childcare services, and provide job opportunities for young women in health awareness activities and advocacy initiatives.

The signing of these two contracts falls within the framework of the efforts of both UNDP and MSMEDA to support improving access to healthcare and livelihoods of both host communities and Sudanese families in Aswan, in addition to enhancing social cohesion between both the Sudanese and host communities.

 Bassel Rahmy said, “The signing of these agreements comes within the framework of cooperation between MSMEDA and UNDP to implement development programs that work to meet the needs of impacted host communities in light of the recent Sudan crisis, where the quality of basic services and infrastructure needs to be further enhanced to meet the different needs of both host community members and Sudanese refugees and also to ensure the quality and sustainability of basic service delivery. Rahmy added that this cooperation expresses the commitment of both sides to work on implementing various interventions in coordination with the relevant national institutions, civil society, and the private sector in Aswan Governorate to ensure attaining proper livelihood opportunities and improved quality of life for host communities and Sudanese refugees residing in Aswan.”

Rawhi Afaghani, Deputy Resident Representative a.i. for the UNDP Egypt Country Office, added that, “the rehabilitation of a health clinic in Karkar, Aswan, exemplifies its dedication to ensuring access to quality healthcare for both host communities and Sudanese.

Furthermore, by collaborating with local partners and stakeholders, UNDP aims to enhance Aswan’s social and economic well-being, creating a foundation for sustained growth and prosperity.

These activities underscore UNDP Egypt’s role as a catalyst for positive transformation and development in Aswan, aligning with the broader national and global efforts to leave no one behind in the pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable future.”

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