UNESCO donates digital devices to back technology-enabled learning in pilot CLCs in Egypt

UNESCO donates digital devices to back technology-enabled learning in pilot CLCs in Egypt
24 / 07 / 2023
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

UNESCO Egypt held a handover ceremony for donating to the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS) digital devices to support technology-enabled learning in pilot Community Learning Centers (CLCs) in three Egyptian governorates; Aswan, Giza and Damietta, which are included in the presidential initiative Hayah Karima (Decent Life).

These three governorates actively promote lifelong learning for their citizens and are members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

“A meeting with all governorates is foreseen by September to strengthen the UNESCO learning cities network in Egypt. CLCs are accelerators for social mobility; TVET education, entrepreneurship and family learning are key to fostering lifelong learning communities, enabling them to set up their own pattern of development,” said Dr. Nuria Sanz, OIC UNESCO Cairo.

During the signing ceremony, Social Solidarity Minister Nevine El Kabbaj thanked UNESCO technical support and expressed her commitment to join efforts with UNESCO to set up CLC and related initiatives by the end of 2023.

CLCs have long been a key feature of lifelong learning. These centers serve various segments of the population, particularly the most marginalized groups. Programs offered in CLCs span the spectrum of lifelong learning, such as inter alia functional literacy, basic education, vocational education, income-generating or livelihood activities, entrepreneurship, education for sustainable development, family and intergenerational learning, parenting education, civic education, and women empowerment. Program offerings in CLCs are determined by the needs and context of the community.

UNESCO Cairo is working with MOSS, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning and other key partners to advance community-based lifelong learning for sustainable development in Egypt.

UNESCO Cairo’s eventual aim is to establish a network of CLCs across Egypt and embed these centers within the framework of the learning cities initiative.

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