Walmart’s Fight Hunger.Spark Change campaigns secured 1.7 bln meals for hungry people

Walmart’s Fight Hunger.Spark Change campaigns secured 1.7 bln meals for hungry people
15 / 04 / 2023
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Walmart’s annual campaigns of Fight Hunger. Spark Change campaigns managed to secure nearly 1.7 billion means for hungry people as the campaigns have generated more than $165 million for Feeding America® and local food banks across the country over the past 10 years.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the campaigns, Walmart said the campaigns go beyond our ongoing donations of unsold food (since 2006, Walmart stores, Sam’s Clubs and distribution centers have donated more than 7 billion pounds of food to Feeding America) and philanthropic grants to Feeding America (more than $13 million awarded in FY2023 alone) to support retail food rescue, cold-chain capacity and innovative technology solutions that enhance food security in communities.

“While the Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign is just one facet of our ongoing partnership with Feeding America, it’s an essential one, especially for our neighbors who don’t know where or when they may find their next meal,” Walmart said in a press release.

“From April 10 to May 8, we’re partnering with our associates, customers, members and 34 suppliers across Walmart and Sam’s Club to support the Feeding America network of 200 local food banks, each of which is paired with our Walmart and Sam’s Club facilities in the U.S,” according to the statement.

“We invite customers and members to fight hunger in their own communities through donations at the register or when they purchase participating items in stores, clubs or online, suppliers will donate the monetary equivalent of at least one meal ($0.10) to a Feeding America member food bank with each purchase of a qualifying item at Walmart and five meals ($0.50) with each purchase of a qualifying item at Sam’s Club.

The funds raised through Fight Hunger. Spark Change campaign help the Feeding America network of local food banks reach people facing hunger through a variety of means, including, but not necessarily limited to, food and grocery programs such as drive-thru, mobile and school pantries, as well as programs tailored specifically to children and seniors.

In addition to Walmart’s contributions to Feeding America’s network of local food banks, the Walmart Foundation provides philanthropic grants to many organizations to help them reach underserved communities (for example, a grant to the American Heart Association has helped community-based food entrepreneurs in Atlanta and Chicago grow over 186,000 pounds of fresh food in low-income communities).

To educate on nutrition and build confidence in making healthier choices, we have developed nutrition standards and labeling for Walmart products (for example, our Great for You icon). The Walmart Foundation has invested in culturally relevant nutrition education programs (for example, a grant to Sesame Workshop supports bilingual resources to help families foster healthy eating).

To create a stronger voice for healthier food and food security, as well as accelerate the exchange of best practices among groups focused on healthy food access, the Walmart Foundation created a community of practice that includes nearly 50 organizations, including leading NGOs.

“We also advocate directly at the local and national level for positive change. Fight Hunger. Spark Change is part of that movement,” Walmart concluded.

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