Zamzam: Applying sustainability faces enormous challenges on ground

Zamzam: Applying sustainability faces enormous challenges on ground
02 / 03 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

Chairman of the board of trustees of the Sona3 ElKhair Foundation Moustafa Zamzam said applying sustainability faces enormous challenges on the ground.

He highlighted that the most significant challenge is lack of data about poverty rates in governorates and targeted areas, expounding that this is important for fair distribution of development projects.

He underlined the importance of research to pinpoint areas in dire need for development projects.

He made the remarks during the 14th CSR & Sustainable Development Forum, currently held in the Red Sea resort city Sharm El Sheikh.

He noted that that there are about 20,000 active civil society organizations in Egypt.

Zamzam also emphasized the importance of providing proper healthcare services to citizens, as poor health can prevent people from working and earning their living.

He noted that 4,500 villages can now be reached in this context under the Decent Life initiative.

Zamzam pointed out that the Sona3 ElKhair Foundation has worked on various sectors, including a project for providing decent furnished houses for citizens.

The foundation has also worked on health and economic empowerment projects, he said.

Zamzam noted that the foundation has collaborated with a number of universities and specialized institutions to assess the impact of each project in which it has participated.

He added that the foundation is now working in other sectors, such as education.

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