Ali Abdo set to start 60-day “Ride to COP27” for climate action

Ali Abdo set to start 60-day “Ride to COP27” for climate action
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Ali Abdo – Egypt’s Sustainability Ambassador, Climate Activist and World Records Holder – is set to start his 60-day “Ride to COP27” on his electric motorbike from Abu Simbel in Upper Egypt to Sharm El Sheikh, the venue of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27).

Abdo – the founder of “Ride to COP27” initiative – has announced a few days ago that the initiative has engaged in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The “Ride to COP27” – which will be the world’s longest journey on an electric motorcycle – aims to promote awareness on the untapped opportunity of using renewable energy sources in realizing the net zero ambitions.

During the EDGE Forum under the theme of Sustainability in Depth, Abdo said he will be accompanied by a number of youths during the ride and several activities will be organized along the road in various Egyptian governorates.

The activities include documenting the impact of climate change on agriculture, industry and other walks of life as well as youth participation in climate action, he said, adding that competitions will be organized to incentivize youths’ contribution to the fight against climate change.

During the ride, he will post people on the negative impact of climate change on people and companies and the world as a whole.

The Ride to COP27 aims mainly to document the impact of climate change, raise people’s awareness in this regard in order to join climate action and send a message to heavy-weight counties to support developing states and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

On Twitter, Abdo declared the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the Ride to COP27 are “Keep People Informed, Keep People Involved, Keep People Interested and Keep People Empowered.”

Ali Abdo set to start 60-day “Ride to COP27” for climate action

He added “If you’re going to make a change, start with the people. If you’re going to transform people’s behavior, start with awareness. If you’re going to raise awareness, start by highlighting the impact on individuals’ life.”

Ali Abdo launched a similar tour on his electric motorbike in June to mark the 2022 World Environment Day.

Abdo rode his electric motorcycle through Egyptian cities around the River Nile to meet students and government officials and deliver talks focused on the impacts of the climate crisis.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) aired a special LIVE broadcast of Ali Abdo’s tour in Egyptian cities among five key events marking the World Environment Day.

By touring Egypt on an electric motorbike, Abdo sought to document the impact of Climate Change on the region, and hoped to accelerate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ali Abdo holds the Guinness World Record for greatest distance on an electric motorcycle in 24 hours: 919.87 km in 2021.

Abdo holds 3 World Records, including having traveled the greatest distance on an electric motorbike in 24 hours.

Organizing such cycling events to propagate for COP27 will contribute to changing people’s culture to use bikes and encourage them to adopt eco-friendly attitudes to protect the planet.

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