AstraZeneca, Egypt’s UPA ink MoU to sponsor Africa Health ExCon

AstraZeneca, Egypt’s UPA ink MoU to sponsor Africa Health ExCon
18 / 02 / 2022
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

AstraZeneca has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement (UPA).

Based on the MoU, AstraZeneca will sponsor the upcoming Africa Health ExCon due in June 2022, which seeks to enhance trade relations, ensure knowledge transfer, and boost foreign direct investment in support of African healthcare systems.

The agreement also builds on a previous MOU that has supported the training of over 1000 pharmacists across Egypt to date. It commits to extending the training program for healthcare professionals in order to develop the healthcare system.

The MoU was signed by Dr Hatem El Werdany, Country President of AstraZeneca Egypt and Dr Omar AbdelAziz, Technical Office Manager at the UPA, in the presence of Major General Dr. Bahaa El-Din Zidan, Head of the UPA, Gareth Bayley, the British Ambassador to Egypt, Håkan Emsgård, the Swedish Ambassador to Egypt, and Dr Pelin Incesu, Area Vice President, Middle East & Africa at AstraZeneca.

The MoU falls under the framework of AstraZeneca’s strategy to support, develop and enhance the Egyptian health sector by launching training programs and initiatives for pharmacists, and by providing innovative treatments, vaccines and patient solutions for Egyptian patients.

Major General Bahaa El-Din Zidan, Head of UPA, stated that the signing of the MoU between the UPA and AstraZeneca comes as a continuation of the great efforts taken by the Authority in order to open new horizons and areas of cooperation between all partners, to develop and enhance the Egyptian and African health systems.

He also added that the Africa Health ExCon exhibition and conference aligns with the Egyptian Government’s efforts in the medical sector, especially with the participation of a global pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry, such as AstraZeneca.

He pointed out that this annual forum aims to link the medical systems in African countries under one umbrella, enhancing trade relations, supporting foreign direct investment, creating new job opportunities, and guaranteeing a high level of knowledge transfer.

Hatem Werdany, Country President for AstraZeneca Egypt, during the signing ceremony emphasized that “the MoU highlights AstraZeneca’s ongoing role in supporting the medical sector in Egypt through partnerships to develop the skills of pharmacists and doctors. We strive to offer the best medical treatments and vaccines to the Egyptian market, and to support Egypt’s 2030 Vision and its efforts in achieving the sustainable development goals to enhance the country’s ability in facing diseases and crises.”

Pelin Incesu, Area Vice President, Middle East & Africa at AstraZeneca, said “Our signing today reinforces our commitment to the Egyptian Government and the UPA, and highlights our position as a central partner to the Africa Health ExCon in June later this year – an event we know will be a critical milestone for us both, as well as the African continent in general. I’m really looking forward to seeing how our partnership continues to grow in 2022, and look forward to the Africa Health ExCon event in June to learn more from other companies and partners and together identify solutions for us to drive health innovation across Africa, and Egypt.”

British Ambassador to Egypt Gareth Bayley, said: “It’s truly encouraging to see this agreement being signed today. Partnership between the UK and Egypt in the field of healthcare is vitally important, not least in the current context as the world fights against COVID-19. And the key drivers of this partnership are our brilliant British companies, like AstraZeneca, working tirelessly to share knowledge, provide much-needed medical supplies, and explore new opportunities of mutual benefit. I am very pleased that AstraZeneca will be supporting this year’s Africa Health ExCon exhibition and contributing to the important work of the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement. Egypt truly has the potential to be a continental healthcare hub, and the UK is ready to work together with our Egyptian partners to help achieve this.”

Håkan Emsgård, the Swedish ambassador to Egypt, stated that Egypt is a strategic partner for Sweden in the Middle East and Africa, thanks to the country’s development during the past few years. Egypt has made itself a pivotal player in the region by building strong partnerships with various countries to achieve its sustainable development goals, the same goals that Sweden seeks to attain with many countries. 


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