B.TECH MAX first-of-its-kind store in Egypt dedicated to hosting Tech, AI, Digital events

B.TECH MAX first-of-its-kind store in Egypt dedicated to hosting Tech, AI, Digital events
05 / 07 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

B.TECH , the leading Egyptian most distinguished and rapidly expanding omnichannel Retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances, inaugurated B.TECH MAX store in Egypt becoming the first-of-its-kind dedicated to hosting various Tech, AI, Digital events, interactive shows and workshops, accommodating over 50 people.

B.TECH MAX, the largest experience concept store for electronics and home appliances in Africa and one of a kind destination in Egypt, also offers a range of “Digital Studios” for photography and live streaming, enabling customers and visitors to document their shopping experience.

Furthermore, it provides “TECH CARE” services, offering certified extended warranty services and “Trade-in” services for exchanging old phones and laptops for new devices & more.

This marks a groundbreaking shift in destination shopping, aiming to completely transform the shopping experience within Egypt.

The opening of B.TECH MAX in Egypt is part of the company’s strategy to become an integrated group operating in multiple business sectors, reinforcing its reputation as a trailblazer in the region’s digital and technological landscape.

It also aligns with its expansion plans to continue excellence and market leadership- reinforcing its leading brand in Egypt and the region. This was achieved by ensuring alignment with consumer needs and market dynamics, aiming to provide the latest products and comprehensive sales and after-sales services to meet the aspirations of all customers.

B.TECH aims to deliver an unparalleled shopping experience and exceptional customer service in the retail sector in Egypt and Africa.

B.TECH MAX is located on the Ring Road over an area exceeding 3,000 square meters on one floor, aiming to provide a frictionless and more convenient shopping experience. It has been innovatively designed to transform shopping by offering an interactive immersive experience for customers before making purchase decisions.

The flagship store features decompression zones that are very innovative such as the “Climate Rooms,” where customers can experience air conditioning units and view their full specifications, category beacons that are brand led showcasing Tech in the context of consumer lives, alongside a gaming area catering to electronic gaming enthusiasts.

Additionally, the store includes a dedicated section for displaying a range of modern smart home products and provides QR codes next to each product to enable customers to scan them for full device specifications and to participate in instant surveys.

Furthermore, it offers various services such as shop online in store, seamless, smooth & easy installment options for customers, same-day delivery, and the ability to pick up items from the store within 15 minute- click and collect.

In addition, the store boasts with best of the best sales and operational teams in the market – 125 -strong team available at all times to serve customers.

Mahmoud Khattab, Chairman and CEO of B.TECH, said “The opening of this massive store represents a landmark achievement for B.TECH and retail in Egypt and Africa as a whole.”

He added “We at B.TECH take pride in our accomplishments over 27 years of hard work & growth story. B.TECH MAX reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the best services and unparalleled shopping experience for all our customers.”

He added that B.TECH MAX embodies the company’s vision to provide an exceptional shopping experience that meets the evolving needs and desires of customers for various electronics and home appliances.

He reaffirmed that the opening of B.TECH MAX marks a new beginning for the company, committed to continuing to provide a world-class service to its customers and unique shopping experiences.

He pointed out that the company contributes to supporting and developing the community at large by employing a new batch of graduates from B.TECH’s Technology School to work at B.TECH MAX.

B.TECH owns a wide network of stores, circa 185 stores spread across 24 governorates, making it closer to its customers everywhere. B.TECH offers its customers a variety of financing solutions through easy monthly installments, making the purchase of electronics and home appliances accessible to all Egyptians.

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