CSR Egypt CEO: Sustainability file no longer luxury, on table of world governments

CSR Egypt CEO: Sustainability file no longer luxury, on table of world governments
11 / 07 / 2023
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

CSR Egypt CEO Hassan Moustafa, the chair of the 5th Forum on Strategies for Transition to Green Economy, said the sustainability file is no longer a luxury and it is on the table of world governments.

He added that the sustainability dossier is integrated in strategies of promising countries capable of planning and turning policies into executive programs benefitting citizens.

He made the remarks on Tuesday during the opening session of the forum – under the theme of Green DNA “Sustainable Finance and Impact Investment”.

Moustafa said the Forum on Strategies for Transition to Green Economy was launched in 2018 with a key objective of spreading the concepts and strategies adopted by the private sector to achieve environmental sustainability. The drive has been developed to become linked to activities and strategies of more than 3,000 international companies.

After Egypt’s hosting of the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in November 2022, the achievements and executive steps taken by Egypt since 2014 were brought to limelight, including projects of renewable energy, wind and solar energy, he said, highlighting the volume of foreign investments injected in promising national projects.

He expounded that the major problem in realizing environmental sustainability is securing needed financing, urging the international community to join hands to achieve these goals and merge developing countries into this mechanism with an aim to realize a leap in green projects and apply environmental sustainability standards.

Moustafa said “environmental sustainability should be a global awareness issue.”

The CSR Egypt CEO stressed the importance of building awareness, laying down well-examined plans and following up the implementation of plans in order to reach the aspired outcome.

He highlighted models of Egyptian companies that managed to realize revenues through sustainability-related activities.

He accentuated that the private sector and the Egyptian government strongly believe in the importance of ensuring business sustainability and cherishing sustainability in words and deeds.

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