ECN donation campaign raises about $600,000 for 57357 Hospital

ECN donation campaign raises about $600,000 for 57357 Hospital
19 / 03 / 2023
بقلم Marwa Nassar - -

A donation campaign of the Egypt Cancer Network USA (ENC) has raised about $ 600,000 to support the Children Cancer Hospital 57357.

Emigration Minister Soha Gendi participated in the ENC event organized in the US to raise funds for the hospital.

She highlighted the importance of supporting the Children Cancer Hospital 57357 to continue offering its humanitarian and medical services for free.

“This edifice should continue to efficiently offer its services,” she said.

She stressed the Egyptian state’s keenness on supporting the hospital and all institutions to proceed with their humanitarian mission and help needy people.

 She commended the role played by the ENC in cancer treatment.

Gendi said the Egyptian state is offering distinguished services in various domains, including the presidential initiative in the health sector which was feted at the international level.

Egyptian General Consul in Los Angeles Ahmed Shahin welcomed the visit which is the first of its kind by Gendi to the US.

He expounded that the ENC managed to become an icon for civil work and support Egypt in the health and social domains.

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