Khader: Trillions of dollars spent on projects worldwide to achieve SDGs

Khader: Trillions of dollars spent on projects worldwide to achieve SDGs
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Maali Qasem Khader, CEO and Founder of Schema Advisory, said trillions of dollars are spent on projects worldwide to achieve sustainable development.

“Giving due attention to sustainable development became a must,” she underlined during the 13th CSR and Sustainable Development Forum which is organized by CSR Egypt. The event kicked off on Thursday in the Red Sea resort city of Hurghada.

Reporting about the progress realized in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is essential, but at the same time reporting cannot be done without having data.

She considered as “very challenging” the process of collecting data and the sources of this data.

She explained that there are steps for collecting data, calling for starting with linking points to each other, comparing basic institutional maturity indicators and collecting sustainability data.

She highlighted the importance of taking into consideration the key points of each sector and the relevant concepts of sustainable development goals.

She added that the issue is not just collecting data, it is also about getting stakeholders to easily understand these data.

She noted that collecting accredited data would need years, therefore Khader called for starting now.

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