PaySky, Yalla Super App win two Global Business Outlook 2023 awards

PaySky, Yalla Super App win two Global Business Outlook 2023 awards
10 / 01 / 2024
By Marwa Nassar - -

PaySky and Yalla Super won two of the Global Business Outlook magazine award 2023; the award for Most Innovative Multi-Channel Payment Solutions Provide and the award for the Fastest-Growing Financial Inclusion App in Egypt in 2023 respectively.

The crowning of PaySky with these awards is in recognition of its success in working to democratize the electronic payment system (financial inclusion) to bridge the gaps facing electronic payments and the financial services sector around the world.

PaySky always strives to develop and provide the latest financial technology solutions to its customers in line with its vision. The company has succeeded in providing innovative financial services and solutions to central banks, major financial institutions, and major commercial institutions in more than 18 countries.

Yalla Super App, powered by PaySky, has achieved a significant milestone by winning the award for the fastest growing financial inclusion app in Egypt 2023. In less than 8 months, it has reached over one million users and currently boasts a user base of 2 million. This accomplishment is unprecedented in the field of financial technology and highlights its exceptional achievements in the financial sector.

Dr. Waleed Sadek, the founder and CEO of PaySky and Yalla Super App, expressed his appreciation for PaySky receiving the award, saying: “We are proud of the company’s achievements, and this recognition serves as a testament to the tireless efforts of our team in driving the digital transformation and advancing electronic payments as one of the constants of our strategy and business ecosystem, in order to find solutions and services that are effective and safe that meet the needs of people of all ages.”

He added “The success of Yalla Super App is an extension of the successes of PaySky that it has achieved and we’re very proud of it. Yalla Super App conducted many surveys to understand and analyze the needs and aspirations of customers from individuals and institutions. As a result, the application was able to provide a wide range of different payment solutions to facilitate financial and non-financial services effectively and securely for different user segments of backgrounds and ages. The application also follows a strategy for continuous expansion in strategic markets that have a direct impact on the Egyptian market, especially markets that are ready for digital transformation and financial inclusion. Therefore, the application studied expanding its services in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan markets.”

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